Travion Smalls

Travion Smalls

My name is Travion Smalls, and my journey began in South Carolina before I found my home in Florida. As a kid, my heart belonged to football and the endless allure of the beach. Those sunny days and gridiron dreams shaped my early years, instilling in me a love for both competition and the sand of the beach.

After graduating high school, I made a pivotal decision to serve my country, joining the Army to contribute in a meaningful way. The discipline, camaraderie, and sense of duty I experienced during my time in the military laid a strong foundation for my future endeavors.

Upon completing my service, I seized upon a promising job opportunity that aligned with my skills and ambitions. Eager to make an impact, I quickly rose through the ranks, earning a promotion within just two weeks of starting. This rapid advancement underscored my dedication and capability, setting the stage for my current role.

Now, I find myself immersed in the exciting phase of building my own team. Guided by my experiences in the Army, and by the soothing shores of Florida, I am driven to create a cohesive and successful unit. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to grow, and I approach them with the same enthusiasm and determination that defined my journey from a small town in South Carolina to where I stand today.


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