Christopher Farmer

Christopher Farmer

My Name is Chris Farmer, born in Amityville, New York surrounded by a big family with my great grandparents and their 6 kids at the helm of it all. Having so many of us consistently around each other is where some would say I gained my talent of being able to garner some of the relationship building skills that I still use and build upon to this day. At the age 8 years old is when me and my parents moved down here to Baltimore and a new saga of my life would begin.

As I got older I’ve always been excited to learn and understand as much as possible especially when it comes to a few passions of mine being photography, car culture, keeping up with most if not all of the latest tech coming out, as well as anime.

Never really knowing what I wanted to do career wise after graduating high school back in 2016, I spent a couple years working jobs that never really felt fulfilling. Due to some unfair treatment at the warehouse I was working at in 2023, I finally decide it was time to move on from that stepping stone and jump into the opportunity that this business presents, where I’ve been able to grow into a better communicator than I was previously, Finding a new drive of being able to actually have something to build for myself with the opportunity given to me and being able to face every new challenge with the mindset of being able to either make it a situation that I will overcome or a situation I’ll learn from. Being apart of Worldwide, I plan on making the most of all the resources available and eventually putting others in the same position that I used to be in, and bringing them to an environment where the sky's the limit for them.


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