Abdul Bamidele

Abdul Bamidele

My name is Abdul, and I am 20 years old, originally from Nigeria. I had the privilege of being raised by both of my parents, who instilled in me strong values and a deep sense of cultural identity. Growing up I was always interested in playing sports and I loved watching movies so when my family made the pivotal decision to move to America when I was just 10 years old it was almost like a dream come true I thought it would be like everything I watched in the movies when I was younger.

Arriving here and discovering that America wasn't quite like the movies was initially a challenge. Adapting to a new life in a foreign country proved difficult, but I found solace in the friendships I formed at my new school. It was through these new friends that I learned to play American football, a game I had previously only seen on screen. The instant connection I felt with the sport helped me integrate into my new surroundings and provided a sense of belonging in this unfamiliar place.

I played football through high school and college. However, when that chapter of my life ended, I began to feel a bit lost, reminiscent of my early days in a new country, unsure of what to do next. As I searched through various job applications one day, I stumbled upon World Wide Promotions. Recognizing it as an opportunity, I decided to apply my hard work ethic and leadership skills from football to this new endeavor. It became a driving force for me, offering direction and purpose in my post-football life. Through this role, I found a renewed sense of fulfillment and a pathway to channel my passion and abilities into thriving within this opportunity .


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